While we have spent almost 40 years talking about sanitizers, we realize it has taken on a whole new weight in the current social climate of COVID-19.

As you can imagine, many have reached out in regard to the killing capabilities of our products in relation to COVID-19.  Efficacy of Star San, Saniclean, and IO-Star have only been tested against a broad range of bacteria so we cannot make any virucidal claims. None of our products have been tested to kill COVID-19 specifically.

Our sanitizers are effective against bacteria on hard non-porous food contact surfaces (such as stainless steel and glass) and are regulated by the EPA.  Hand sanitizers will kill microbial organisms on skin and are regulated by the FDA.  While there are some actives such as alcohol that can be used in either application, there are also some such as phosphoric acid that can be harmful if used on skin. Do not apply any our sanitizers, even if diluted, on your skin.

COVID-19 is affecting everyone in many different ways, and all of us at Five Star Chemicals hope that you and your loved ones are safe. For any further questions, please contact us at support@fivestarchemicals.com.