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  • Are You Drinking the Trends of 2022?

    The beauty of beer is that in addition to the year-round classics we anticipate, brewers are a mighty inventive bunch and despite beer being around for centuries (it’s one of the first beverages produced by humans), there’s always something new and exciting brewing. Are you drinking what's trending for 2022?

  • How to Design a Beer Menu... Maybe Four IPAs is One too Many

    Context is everything when designing a beer menu. Whether you’re picking crushable, budget-friendly thrills for a dive bar or choosing beers for a fine dining tasting menu, there are tons of factors to consider. Read on to find out more on how to create the best beer menu for our tasting room.

  • There's an Enzyme for That!

    In creating a beer, it seems completely straightforward but what if there is a problem. What if there is an undesirable off-flavor? Was there not enough fermentable sugar? Is this not the right mouthfeel for the style? What about the clarity? What if it just isn’t quite right?

    All of these problems can possibly be solved by using the right enzyme! But what enzymes are out there? It turns out, more than even some professional brewers are aware of!