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  • Craft Brewers Embrace Sustainability in Creative Ways

    The unfortunate reality is beer, like most products in a global economy, requires resources and leaves behind waste. Three to seven barrels of water produce one barrel of beer. Energy heats and cools ingredients throughout the brewing process. Read on to learn the creative ways breweries are putting sustainability as a priority.

  • Beer Money: Financing Options for Craft Breweries

    Whether you run an established craft brewery or are just starting out, there are times when you might need “beer money” - outside funding to pursue new opportunities or endure a period of uncertainty. On Tap Credit Union is here to help you understand the ins and outs of your financial options when it comes to financing that perfect brew.

  • Same-Same yet Different - The Exploration of Beer and Wine

    At the most basic level, making beer and wine is the same. Ingredients, like barley or grapes, break down into fermentable sugars, sit around for a while with some yeast, and viola—booze. Despite their similar processes, beer and wine are obviously very different drinks. But why is that? We are going to break down some of the key differences between them and discover how they can be same-same, yet different.