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  • Why All Hazy IPAs Taste the Same (And How to Brew Something Distinct)

    Let's get a little technical. Not all the haze in Hazy IPAs is caused from the yeast. There are many contributing factors. Read our blog article to find out more about creating haze and how to create more depth in your hazy beers. 

  • 5 Beer Industry Trends Brewers Must Know

    The world is changing quickly. So is the beer world. A new generation with different tastes and lifestyles is coming of drinking age in a strange and unpredictable economy. These changes have undoubtedly played a role in trends we are seeing in the market today. Here’s what you should know.

  • Craft Malt and the Basics

    Drinking locally has not only been trending for years, it has become an integral part of the craft beverage industry. Supporting local makers is good for building a community, helping the environment, and part of what has made craft beverages so successful. But, while the drink in your glass is made local, many of the ingredients in it are not. That’s where craft malting comes in.