There are hundreds of beer gifts to choose from. But to narrow it down, here are a handful of quality and interesting items that make presents that are sure to please any home of craft brewer. 

PBW Cleaner Tablets

One of Five Star Chemical’s most popular products, PBW Cleaner Tablets are the perfect stocking stuffer for beer lovers. They are a gentler substitute for caustic cleaners. They work with a range of temperatures and are effective with hard and soft water. But the tablets don’t just work for cleaning brewery equipment, kegs, and growlers, PBW cleaner works on any difficult stain on materials as well. One pack comes with 40 tablets. $20, Five Star Chemicals


The Bottle Loft

Homebrewers often have fridges full of their creations. To keep things tidy, the Bottle Loft holds a 12-pack of bottled beer floating up above to free up space for more beer. The magnetic strips stick to the top of the fridge using a strong adhesive. The magnets easily hold a full bottle by the metal cap. $30, Uncommon Goods

Growlerwerks uKeg

Notably one of the most popular kegs on the market, Growlerwerks uKeg allows drinkers to control the carbonation of their beer exactly to their liking with a pressurized cap. As much as we all love a classic growler, if beer is not consumed quickly, oxygen will make the beer go flat. The uKeg prevents that travesty from happening. The high-end growler comes in the traditional copper or a durable tungsten version to take on the go. Find nitro and craft cocktail growlers, too. $179, Growlerwerks

Cooper Cooler

We’ve all been caught with room temp beers before. But you no longer have to risk a freezer explosion with The Cooper Cooler. The gadget perfectly chills a can or bottle of beer (or bottle of wine) in 1 to 3 minutes, depending on the size. The beer rotates as the electric machine cools the drink by spraying it with ice water as it rotates until it reaches the perfect cool temperature and the slow control prevents any foaming. $100, Cooper Cooler

Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting Kit

One of the oldest glassmakers that date back to the 1500s, Spiegelau’s craft beer tasting kit is for any craft brewer who wants to enhance the flavor of their beers to the highest degree. The shapes allow drinkers to hone in on flavors better than with a pint glass. The crystal glass kit comes with an IPA, American wheat, stout, and barrel-aged beer glasses. The silhouettes not only make your beer taste better but look better, too. $40, Crate and Barrel

North Drinkware Pint Glass

If you want to splurge on the craft brewer you love, consider a hand-blown pint glass from North Drinkware. The glasses feature a mountain peak from different states, like Colorado’s Maroon Bells or Oregon’s Mount Hood, coming up from the bottom of the glass. The striking design is subtle yet original for a one-of-a-kind gift. You can also find outdoorsy coasters and other drinking accessories on their site. $50, North Drinkware

Campfire Beer Caramelizer 

Before electricity and heating, drinking beer a little hot was preferred during the cold months. Blacksmiths stir their beer with a fire poker to warm it up, a process called Bier Stacheln, or beer spiking. The heat caramelizes the residual malt sugars and brings out the malt flavors. The end result is a pleasant creamy texture. Now you can get a beer lover with everything a modern-day blacksmith poker to warm and caramelize a campfire brew. $35, Uncommon Goods

Moleskine Beer Journal

These high-end journals have a reputation for the quality of the leatherbound covers and acid-free paper. Now there is a Moleskine made specifically for beer fans. The pages are set up so beer drinkers can remember what they’ve tried and where. They can leave notes about their favorites and the address of the brewery. There is also a glossary, tips for homebrewers, a space for writing down recipes, and more. $20, Uncrate 

The Oxford Companion to Beer Book

There’s an abundance of beer books to choose from, but the Oxford Companion is one of the classics due to its approachability and depth. The encyclopedic tome is a good choice for a brewer or drinker who already knows about beer but wants to expand their knowledge. The Oxford Companion to Beer Book covers everything from agricultural makeup, technical brewing details, regional influence, and a sociological look at beer. $47, Amazon



Westmark Germany Hermetus Steel 3-in-1 Re-sealer Beer Bottle Opener

This shiny gadget is one of the highest-quality bottle openers on the market. Made in Germany, the opener can twist or pop off tops, as well as reseal a beer to keep it fresh. The opener also comes with charming engraving instructions on top of the opener. $12, Amazon